Project America

First Idea – Reduced Shipping Charges

Minimum order of 200 Euros – shipping fee NORMALLY 38.99 – NOW 24.99

Minimum order of 350 Euros – shipping fee NORMALLY 19.99 – NOW 8.99

Shipping prices valid from June 7th to 14th June. 

Now without getting all emotional, the American public played a huge part in helping me get back on my feet when the recession hit in 2008. It should have been wipe out for me and instead I encountered several people at that time who provided me with a lot of support and encouragement. I listened to my gut, I embraced the unusual, I put my own stamp on Hermitage Oils, bringing in lots of unusual aromatics of interest to me and simply even though only a little business, I found myself working with like-minded people and feeling good about myself again.

We now serve several hundred clients, including the Americans who helped me personally back in 2008. And today Hermitage Oils is one of the best online businesses for natural aromatics offered in small weights/volumes. We support more artisan producers than ever before and now find ourselves carrying more specialist top-tier aromatics than most.

Everyone comes out in the good times, but the Americans supported me through my difficult times in business, and honestly, I have never and will never forget this. As such, and now that we are in stronger position, I have several ideas I want to trial out in small-steps across the coming months, all with the aim of better supporting the American aromatics hobbyist through to small to medium sized American businesses. If the ideas are well received, I intend to greatly alter the Hermitage Oils business model by the end of 2022. First idea above.

Thank you, Adam Michael : )