On this page you will find our frequently asked questions. Simply click on the green title text and a list of frequently asked questions with answers will appear. A very useful page to find the information you are looking for without any waiting times associated with emails. We aim to continually add to this FAQ’s page.


-My absolute/CO2 is of a very thick/solid consistency. How do I make it pourable?

With few exceptions to the rule, very thick/solid materials can be made pourable just by placing the bottle (cap tightly on) in a cup, then filling the cup with boiling hot kettle water (without submerging the cap) and placing a tea coaster on the cup. Allow for a few minutes until the materials becomes pourable and ready to use. Should you have any trouble with this process please get in touch and we will try to assist you further.


-Why does my CO2 look in smaller amounts than stated?

Some waxy materials (like rose CO2 or lilac CO2) might have a bigger volume when warmed up. Viscous materials have to be warmed up in order to be made pourable to enable us to decant them.


-Which oils can be safely used in food flavouring?

The FDA has compiled a list of oils that can be safely used in food flavouring. Please refer to the FDA’s list for GRAS oils available at this link.



Hermitage Oils however does not and cannot recommend any materials offered for internal consumption. Our advice is to never take essential oils internally without the supervision of a qualified health practitioner. If you decide to take any of our products internally please be aware that you do so at your own risk and responsibility.


-Do I have to respect IFRA restrictions when I formulate my perfumes?

Although the IFRA can provide useful information and directions, IFRA restrictions are only compulsory for IFRA registered members.


-Can you give me the recipe for a perfume?

We do not offer this service at the moment.


-Which countries do you supply to?

We can supply all countries within the European Union. From May 2024, we will start to supply to the USA, Hong Kong and U.A.E.


-What is the minimum spend for a retail order to my country?

We have a minimum order spend of €100 Euros for all E.U countries.


-How long does it take for an order to be delivered?

Usually orders sent to Italy mainland are delivered within three working days. Orders for the rest of Europe are delivered within five working days.  If your order hasn’t been delivered after 15 days please get in touch for assistance.


-I have placed two orders. Can I combine them in one parcel and save on the shipping?

Whenever possible we will try and combine the orders and refund one lot of shipping costs, although we cannot guarantee that it will always be possible. We encourage customers to get in touch on email to discuss if it’s possible to combine multiple shipping.


-Why has my order been voided? When can I expect to have the money showing again in my balance?

An order can be voided when it does not comply with our terms and conditions or when the customer requests us to do so. In this case no transaction will take place and your available balance will be restored typically within 24h (subject to your bank).


-When do you refund an order how long does it take for the money to be returned to my account?

Money refunded usually takes 4 to 7 working days to be returned to your account (subject to your bank).


-Can I deduct IVA/VAT from my retail order?

Please enter your IVA/VAT number at checkout.


-How do I create an account?

You can create an account at the checkout of your first order. Once entered your personal details just check the “create an account?” box.


-If I edit my profile with a new shipping address will my recently placed order be dispatched automatically to the new address?

No, the shipping address is the one you enter/select at checkout. Should you edit your shipping address after placing an order please do get in touch with us via email.