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As Hermitage Oils is now based in Tuscany, Italy, we wanted to create a category celebrating Italian citrus essential oils and really sing the praises of how absolutely stunning Italian citrus oils can be. We have now sourced an array of Italian citrus oils that we believe are the best of their kind. Including benchmark of excellence mandarin essential oils, that take ripe, juicy and mouth-watering to a whole new level of perfection.

Crisp, bright and uplifting, citrus essential oils are obtained by either cold pressing or distilling the rind of citrus fruits. The scent of the cold pressed materials is usually tarter and closer to that of the freshly peeled fruit although very unstable and prone to quick oxidation (usually 6 months if stored out of the fridge). Distilled materials on the other hand are longer lived, more stable and more ethanol soluble although not as vibrant as the cold pressed oils. Very cost effective, citrus oils are fabulous regardless if you are using them in perfumery as a tangy top note, in aromatherapy for their uplifting and purifying properties or if you are simply burning them in your oil burner for their incomparable feel-good factor.

All belonging to the Rutaceae family, citruses are rich in fragrance in all of their parts (leaves, twigs and flowers) to the point that the bitter orange tree was given the name of “perfume tree”. Still today it is extensively grown for the wide range of different perfumery materials it provides, all still unsurpassed in beauty and versatility.

Please note: Despite their quality, all of our products are of a highly concentrated nature and are therefore to be strictly intended for perfumery and aromatherapy use only. Hermitage Oils strongly discourages internal consumption of the products, which are not intended to be used as foods in any capacity. All photos and images on this website have the sole purpose to evoke the raw materials from which the products offered are obtained, their place of origin or their scent.