Patchouli High Patchoulol (7 YEAR AGED)

Adam Michael has this to say “The appearance of this patchouli essential oil resembles the crystallised form of rose otto on a cold morning. As such this material will benefit from bain-marie to become pourable. The patchoulol content comes in at 60%. Aromatically the opening (21.03.22) is intense patchouli-woody, damp-cellar, musty-green leaves (somewhat like the smell of tomato leaves in the latter part of the season) a tad spicy, atlas cedar woody and camphoraceous. As we progress this material exudes delicate cold-powdered patchouli tonalities (think fenchyl alcohol) along with the smell of wet gravel, weeds, more dry woody vibes, chalk-dust, and fruity aspects. From the mid onwards the aroma moves into a clean dark earth scent with fruity aspects. This material is not a beast-mode aromatic nor would I describe this as a base note either. Instead this is a delicate-close to skin heart note experience lasting on my skin type for just under 5 hours based on a half mil neat application. Whilst it lasts, the experience is very enjoyable, more so for fellow patchouli aficionados. Produced via steam distilling the leaves and then the material is molecular distilled. Pairs especially well with our amber sweetie and labdanum offerings and more generally can be a friend for those building Oriental compositions.

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: Indonesia