Tea Absolute Colourless

Adam Michael has this to say “Some customers may recall that we used to sell Black Tea Absolute Colourless, produced by a famous company based in Grasse/France that every perfumer will be well aware of. You may also recall how I stopped selling this because the company in question could no longer produce an all-black tea absolute, and instead started offering a mixed tea leaves absolute.

Now despite this, we have forever had requests to sell this again, and so here it is, for a limited time, and again, produced from mixed tea leaves now. If you think you know who the supplier is but are confused because on the online scene there are vendors claiming to be selling Black Tea absolute produced by this very supplier, even exhibiting “official” paperwork, we can only say that we are as puzzled as you are, since this supplier has stopped manufacturing black tea absolute over 4 years ago now.

Regardless of all this, despite the requests for this material and despite obliging, I would not be doing my job properly if I told you all that I find this tea aromatic to be incredible, I absolutely do not, for me, this is an inferior tea aromatic produced by a French aromatics producer that seems to be increasingly losing its way based on some atrociously poor quality recent releases, like a sincerely appalling Orange Blossom CO2, reminiscent of those cheap car plug in air fresheners, a true asthmatics nightmare and a deeply disappointing  experience throughout to put it mildly. Now, whilst this mixed tea leaf absolute thankfully does not stoop so low, I am afraid it doesn’t feature among the excellent aromatic productions this house has brought to us in its glorious past either.

Aromatically this material exudes tea watery notes, and displays interesting leathery, nutty and hay type nuances throughout. Of good tenacity and produced by solvent extracting fermented mixed Camellia sinesis tea leaves. This material is provided on carrier (Triethyl citrate) and within perfumery can be of value for fruity, agrestic and gourmand creations. Overall, because I am aware of how beautiful tea co2 aromatics are, I struggle to get excited by this material. As such, I score this absolute 5.5 out of 10.”

Botanical Name: Camellia sinesis

Origin: Ceylon/Sri Lanka

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 230 Euros.