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Everyone loves the creamy, sweet, warm, milky, gourmand, calming, boozy, luscious scent and taste of vanilla. There’s a huge range of vanilla materials out there and we have selected a useful selection from the best quality available for you here. A major component of all vanilla materials is vanillin which is crystalline and has the soft, sweet, milky, ice-creamy scent most people associate with vanilla. We will indicate the percentage of vanillin in our materials wherever possible. The chemistry of the exotic vanilla pod is so much more complicated than just vanillin, however and natural vanilla materials often surprise with their deeply complex, rich boozy, balsamic, tropical floral dimensions.

Please note: Despite their quality, all of our products are of a highly concentrated nature and are therefore to be strictly intended for perfumery and aromatherapy use only. Hermitage Oils strongly discourages internal consumption of the products, which are not intended to be used as foods in any capacity. All photos and images on this website have the sole purpose to evoke the raw materials from which the products offered are obtained, their place of origin or their scent.