Black Pepper CO2 (Oleoresin)

Mark Evans has this to say “The fragrance of this black pepper CO2 covers the complete gamut of spicy, pungent, aromatic, woody, smoky and leathery notes providing an all-round, full-on black pepper experience that is so naturalistic, it is truly indistinguishable from the pepper grinder. The essential oil and absolute of black peppercorns that we have for sale provide us with two extremes of the pepper experience. The essential oil is vibrant, spicy, terpy and woody. The absolute is dark, smoky and tar-like. The extraordinary CO2 extracted oleoresin we have here, though, lies at a useful midpoint between the other two in colour, consistency and also in aroma.

Use this CO2 to provide substance and brightness to the top and heart notes of a wide range of perfume styles. I’d suggest trying it in place of the somewhat overused pink pepper oil to make your creation stand out from the crowd.”

This material is partially alcohol soluble and will benefit from filtration.

Botanical Name: Piper nigrum

Origin: Malaysia

Safety Data: To be used sparingly in cases where kidney disorder is present.