Terpinyl Acetate Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “As a very big fan of the cardamom aroma it is fair to say I am addicted to this terpinyl acetate natural isolate. The aroma oozes a sublime fresh breeze of crushed cardamoms displaying the classically warm, green, spicy, citrus qualities you would expect from cardamom and finishing with mouth watering, lemony-eucalyptus sweetness. This material is so well rounded, perfect in fact. Blends especially well with galbanum, ginger, roses, sandalwood, vetivert  and generally with nearly all citrus materials, especially bergamot. A must have material for building manly spice accords, Oriental themed floral bases and a great product to be used within the creation of male orientated beauty products. Obtained by rectification of Cardamom essential oil, the colour is clear and this material is of a pourable viscosity.”

Mark Evans has this to say “Terpinyl acetate natural isolate is a fresh, sparkling, bergamot citrus and herbal scented material used to provide lift and brightness to citrus, aromatic, herbal and floral blends. It is extremely versatile and used in a huge range of products throughout commercial perfumery. This isolate is created naturally from cardamom oil and retains a delicious, spicy cardamom aspect which isn’t present in the synthetically produced version. It is also softer, more rounded and doesn’t have the somewhat harsh, piny tinge that the synthetic version can have. Highly recommended as an essential part of the natural perfumer’s palette.”

Extracted from cardamom essential oil.