Myrrh Resinoid 50%

Arctander has this to say “Myrrh Resinoid is a very dark, reddish-orange-brown, viscous mass, hardly pourable at ordinary room temperature. It is soft and sticky, however, unless essential oil has been removed from the myrrh prior to the extraction. This is one way of producing a low-grade myrrh resinoid.

The odor is intensely warm, deep-spicy, balsamic-aromatic and very rich. In spite of its intense color which is a drawback, Myrrh Resinoid finds use in perfumery as an excellent fixative and sweetner in Oriental-spicy bases, chypres, woody bases, forest notes, pine fragrances, etc.”

This resinoid material is diluted by Hermitage at 50% in alcohol.

Botanical Name: Commiphora myrrha

Origin: Somalian material