To Hermitage,

“I’ve purchased essential oils and carriers oils from Hermitage for over ten years. In that time I’ve always received a first class customer service and sensibly priced quality goods I believe you can’t find better elsewhere.”

Robert (United Kingdom)

Dear Hermitage,

“I’ve ordered twice from Hermitage Oils and am very pleased with their products, customer service and prompt delivery. The oils are of great quality and the selection is immense, plus the prices are more than fair. Also someone is always available to help with any questions or explanations. I highly recommend this site to everyone I know who buys essential oils. Thanks again for all of your help! I really do appreciate it!”

Andrea (China)

To Hermitage Oils,

“My delivery of oils (To Greece) came really fast and I was delighted with the lovely fragrance which met me as I opened the package. The bottles look attractive and will look good in my boxes – a good thing as my clients see all my storage arrangements as I test for oils by kinesiology. The oils that I have tried so far have a nice feel, they smell right and the whole package just seemed to speak of love, a very important factor in making a new choice of supplier. Thank you Hermitage Oils.”

J Green (Greece)

To The Hermitage Oils Team,

“I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years now and specialise in sports massage but am also qualified as an aromatherapist and an refelexologist. I use essential oils in all my treatments unless asked not to do so. I came across Hermitage Oils from my own massage therapist who has used them for years and so eventually I got in touch with Adam Michael and ordered a few oils – I was really impressed!!!

Firstly with the quality and secondly with the price. I use lots of Lavender and Eucalyptus and the 40/42 is one of the best Lavender’s I’ve ever used. It’s aromatic, woody and soft, no harsh notes at all. Rose is another oil that I use a lot of and the Rose Absolute is wonderful – and for myself as a treat I recently had some Rose Otto which is heaven in a bottle!! It lifts the spirit and warms the heart – a truly beautiful oil which I wear as a perfume.

My other great love is of course Sandalwood and Hermitage Oils have the best price around for this lovely oil. The Mysore Sandalwood for me is the only one to use and if I had to only take one oil on my desert island I’d take an eternity to choose between Sandalwood and Rose – BOTH are sublime and open the senses and the heart to pure joy, of course when blended together…perfection!!!

I also teach aromatherapy and have turned my students on to Hermitage Oils and over time I think I’ve tried almost all of the Hermitage Oils range and they are all excellent. In all my dealings with them over the last few years it’s there pure dedication and enthusiasm for aromatherapy which makes me confident in purchasing from Hermitage Oils!”

Kate (United Kingdom)

Hi Adam,

Just a quick note to let you know that my oils arrived yesterday and the opoponax abs is superb and so completely different to the essential oil. I also love the peru balsam (which is like a stronger version of benzoin) and already my mind is racing with ideas for some new amber accords! I really get the toffee reference in the opoponax, it’s like toffee that’s been cooked a little too long and reaches that burnt caramel stage. It would add a beautiful light smokey note to amber. I had to work at getting it to a 50% working solution in alcohol: I sat it in a hot water bath, giving it a good shake every now and then… but eventually it relented and now I’ve got a nice dark reddish liquid that I can measure by drops into my final base blends! I then diluted a little of that 50% base to 10% which is my ‘testing dilution’ (I do that with everything) and the colour is exactly the same as the original Lagerfeld for Men, which apparently contains a lot of opoponax. I must track down my ancient bottle of Lagerfeld to refresh my memory.

I’m so glad I found your site. Your products and service are second to none and I’m looking forward to placing my next order, which will definitely revolve around some rose and jasmine (oh, and lavender abs!)

Thank you again, Adam. It’s been a genuine and very refreshing pleasure dealing with you. All the best.

Wayne (Australia)

I am a remedial and pregnancy massage practioner and aromatherapist and have used Hermitage oils for around eight years now and would not consider using any other supplier.
As I do not believe that any other supplier could match Adam on price, availability, choice, service and most importantly, Quality.

I may not always order a great variety or vast amount of oils, but I love the fact that Adam always treats me with kindness and respect and has the time to answer any queries and offer professional advice and support in a friendly and non patronising manner, and I am in awe of his energy, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm.

In the event of me leaving an answerphone message he has ALWAYS got back to me within 24 hrs, usually within the hour and my order always within the week. I have recently introduced a friend and colleague to Hermitage apricot and sweet almond carriers and the HA Lavender, lemon, lime, ginger and ravensara oils and she was seriously blown away by both quality and aroma (and this girl uses very high end products in the clinics and salons she works in!)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adam for his continued support and wish him every success in the future.

Chris – MICHT IIHT (United Kingdom)

To Hermitage Oils,

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am to have found you! I will never forget the first order I placed with you…on the same day I placed my order I received an email from Adam Michael thanking me for my custom and making a lovely comment about my selection of oils; Adam noticed that I had selected a variety of unusual absolutes and gave me some advice on how to use them as they are notoriously difficult to work with.Since that day I am addicted to the customer service I receive from Hermitage Oils, always feeling like a valued customer no matter how small my order. As a perfumer I feel that the range of oils is amazing!

If I have any questions regarding origin, composition or therapeutic uses of any of their oils I know that I can get in touch with any questions and I will get a genuine and informative answer; Adam Michael always listens to feedback and looks for ways to satisfy his customers by looking for the best oils and constantly expanding Hermitage Oils range of products. And as if this wasn’t enough, delivery is free worldwide! I look forward to many more years of doing business with you.

Marina (United Kingdom)

Good afternoon

I am writing to thank your address. I ordered your product is not a lot of products, primarily absolutes that I use for making natural perfumes, but the ones that I got excellent quality. Just great! Thank you very much. Also I like the product description on the site. Accessible and interesting. Very interesting and varied range. Good work on the delivery of products, as well as work and communication with the buyer. I’m going to continue to shop at your store.

Olga (Russia)

Hermitage Oils is everything you could ever wish for in a supplier of essential oils and related products. The oils are absolutely first class, the very best I’ve used, the service Adam offers is second to none, his knowledge is incredible and he will go out of his way to help you. Put simply, I wouldn’t dream of buying my oils elsewhere.

Matt (United Kingdom)

I ordered five essential oils/absolutes from Hermitage Oils and they arrived from Britain to Canada in a very short period of time, well-wrapped and all intact. All the oils are authentic and beautiful. I appreciate the variety offered at this site and the customer service is wonderful. I received a lovely personal note telling me the order had been received and when it would ship. Then I received a follow up note, as well. I would definitely deal with Hermitage Oils in the future. Aromatically Yours,

Lyn (Canada)

As an Aromatherapist, I, like many others need reliable and straightforward advice for the many new and emerging products that come onto the market Adam keeps us very well informed of these new products and, equally, is dependable when one needs advice. His in depth knowledge of his products is a joy to read on his website, and whilst we, Physic Aromatherapy, are a new online company, I am confident in our decision that Adam’s ‘Hermitage Oils’ is to be our choice of supplier for the needs of this company. It’s quite a harsh world ‘out there’ and its reassuring to know that Adam ‘is there’ – dependable and most helpful.

Barbara (United Kingdom)

I would like to thank you for your excellent service and good quality oils. When I ordered from your web site everything went smoothly and efficiently. I enjoy your interesting comments and you broad knowledge of essential oils. The latter is important to me. I shall certainly use your service again.

Dianne (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your kind email. I have received all of the oils safely, thank you very much. The sandalwood oil is particularly gorgeous, it is so good to find quality santal nowadays. I am particularly pleased with the wormwood oil, it has a beautiful aroma.German chamomile mixed with tansy? such a lovely colour too. I am surprised how similar the Himalayan cedarwood smells to atlas cedarwood although richer and maybe more fruity? Many thanks for such lovely oils.

Patrick (United Kingdom)

Thank you ever, ever so much for taking the time to write back to me! I am absolutely thrilled to hear about the Gardenia abs. and very much look forward to being able to sample it (and very glad you will be offering it in affordable quantities)!

Thank you also for the recommendation on the oppoponax- strangely enough, it was on my list of future (very near future!) purchases! I was also thinking of getting some 5% dilutions of a couple of things, just to sample them as such and see how I can incorporate them into my blending- I must admit, I have this fantasy of learning to use something like a seaweed absolute to create a range of themed scents (high hopes I know considering I have never smelled it before!)

Also, thank you for the advice on heating the absolutes. You must have read my mind because I was indeed worried about denaturing the product by using heat, so your idea of letting the water cool down a little and putting it in a mug is exactly what I needed to hear! AND, very excited about these 60 new ones you are bringing on (though it may take me a while to get through the existing ones, lol!) In any case, your help and advice are truly appreciated! I look forward to sampling many more scents over the course of time!

Nirmala (United Kingdom)

Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed response which has now put my mind at rest! I am very much looking forward to experiencing the lovely oils. Your website is the best I have come across, very informative, fantastic selection and prices very reasonable.

Gina (United Kingdom)

Just a line to say thanks for such prompt service. Oils ordered Tuesday arrived today! What an amazingly efficient company you are! I might add that I find your prices most reasonable and the products I’ve bought excellent.

Val (United Kingdom)

Thank you so much for the Tuberose Absolute and for filling it up so generously 🙂 that is so kind of you, and it was nice to talk to you too 🙂 I can tell your oil is the real deal.. sooo different from the synthetic one from ebay 🙂 I will definitely be buying from you again 🙂 thanks so much again

Skye (United Kingdom)

“I have ordered from Hermitage oils a few times and I am always satisfied with everything. First of all, the customer service is wonderful, they always answer any questions you have. Also, the shipping is fast (and free worldwide which is really impressive!!) and most importantly, the products are great. I really enjoyed using the Rose water as it is gentle to the skin and smells subtly of roses (and is a great value for your money!). The essential oils that I received are also nice, they smell wonderful and are so versatile. The company also often has some kind of special offer going on; I was really grateful to receive the Lemon and Sweet Orange essential oils for free. Hermitage oils is a wonderful company, affordable and high quality and I would recommend it to anyone. I know I will order from it again!”

Maja (Slovenia)

“A very big thank you for sending out my order so promptly. The oils have a superior scent and the sandalwood mysore is exquisite! The wintergreen I’ve made up as suggested into an ointment and it’s certainly helping to relieve my knee pain. Thank you too for the gift of Lemon and Orange Oil – a lovely surprise and, as well as using them in toiletries, I shall be adding some to my pot pourri. Every good wish to you and family.”

Charmaine (United Kingdom)

“I used your oils approximately 15 years ago whilst I was working as a manager of adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties in Skelmersdale College Lancashire, as a practising Aromatherapist i found your oils very valuable and your service was fantastic. I am so pleased to find you again I now live in Spain and to hear you do free world wide delivery is fantastic. I am not sure now how to promote my Aromathearpy skills as I now work in a different working capacity. I look forward to ordering my oils from you in the future.”

Joan (Spain)

Thank you Hermitage Oils, not only for being very helpful while placing an order, but for also sending the goods out so fast. The parcel arrived very reliably and safely within two days. I absolutely love the Water Melon oil, which is one of the best carrier oils I have ever come across! The essential oils I’ve ordered are, as far as I can tell, of the highest quality and very well priced. I’ll definitely order again from you.”

Hannah, Holstic Therapies (United Kingdom)

“Having looked through so many different aromatherapy provider’s websites I am so glad I chose Hermitage Oils, I received the oils in less than 24 hours thanks to the guarantee given by Hermitage to post the same day if you order by 12pm. I have not found another website with such fast dispatch.
The quality of the oils is excellent and supported with practical information such as the consistency of the oils and absolutes. I emailed for additional information and received such a fast and helpful response. Thanks once again for great quality, information and outstanding service plus downright thoughtfulness in dealing with customers!”

Julie (United Kingdom)

“Thank you Hermitage Oils, I received the Lavender High Altitude oil, what a lovely oil, the smell is so…clean I think I would like to say! I must thank you once again for the quite spectacular way you take care of your clients! I don’t think that I have ever experienced being taken care of so well on any other site!!! With the very reasonable pricing (Made even better with free worldwide postage!) and good quality oils, Hermitage Oils have become my favourite place for ordering my oils.
I am very interested in the Water Melon Seed oil, which I will be ordering soon, I’ve never tried this before, would probably make a nice hand cream as it’s not so greasy. Thank you again Hermitage!”

Lynn (Sweden)

Many thanks for your e-mail. It is nice knowing there are still companies who coddle their customers. I have used your oils for years for respiratory reasons. Although I am quite healthy and exercise regularly, I have been plagued with excess mucous production in my lungs which is exacerbated by our dry climate. The clove, cinnamon, thyme has been a blessing for this ailment. I find once I do a treatment, I am good for several weeks of free breathing. Though there are many purveyors of “essential oils” here in the US, I also know that not all are the same. Quality makes a difference!

Peter (United States Of America)

“My oils arrived this morning, with 2 free gifts, for which great thanks. I am amazed at the speed with which this order arrived, and would like to say thank you. You have a wonderful range of oils.”

Margaret (United Kingdom)

“This is the second time I have used Hermitage Oils. I was using them for a sinus/allergy problem I had and they were the only website that helped me out. I now purchase the same oils for my husband, who has a similar problem. Hermitage Oils is a great company to deal with and the prices are also good. The website is user friendly and very informative.”

Sharon B (United States Of America)

Dear Hermitage Oils, “I would like to say how lovely the products are that I bought from your website a few weeks ago. The Borage Carrier Oil is excellent, and makes such a difference to the skin; to which I have noticed after using it regularly in massage. Also, the Benzoin and Vanilla essential oils I received from you smell gorgeous! I have made a perfume cream with them by adding a few drops of each to an unfragranced base cream! “I would like to say how lovely the products are that I bought from your website a few weeks ago. The Borage Carrier Oil is excellent, and makes such a difference to the skin; to which I have noticed after using it regularly in massage. Also, the Benzoin and Vanilla essential oils I received from you smell gorgeous! I have made a perfume cream with them by adding a few drops of each to an unfragranced base cream! I would just like to add how quick the delivery was after I ordered, and how friendly and professional the service is. Thank you very much, I shall certainly be coming to you for my next supply of great quality goodies!”

Tracy T (United States Of America)

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