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Frangipani Article

FRANGIPANI TREES GROWING OUTSIDE MY FRIENDS RESTAURANT written by Adam Michael. On my latest travels in Malaysia one thing that struck me was the amount of Frangipani trees, they were everywhere I went, the tree is very distinctive and has an understated charm about it, slightly crooked shaped branches, large green leaves with a rich […]

Frankincense Article

SOMALILAND CO-OPERATIVE PROJECT written by Adam Michael. My name is Adam Michael and if you are subscribed to my newsletters you will know I adore all the various Frankincense species in oil form. I have now teamed up with a Co-Operative in Somalia and I am buying the Frankincense Carteri (Boswelia.carteri) and Frankincense Sacra (Boswelia.sacra) […]

Rose Article

I LOVE DONCHO PAPASOV written by Adam Michael. As someone that follows various aromatherapy and perfume forums I always find it interesting reading people’s opinions about the fragrance descriptions of rose oils so I thought I’d create a little page and share my thoughts about the fragrance of various Rose oils that I have experienced so […]

Ylang Ylang Article

YLANG YLANG FRACTIONS written by Adam Michael. At the time of writing (06/09/14) the estimated global production of Ylang Ylang essential oil stands at 70-75 tonnes per year. Production is split largely into 4 geographical areas which are COMOROS (La Grande Comore, Anjuan and Moheli), AMBANJA (Northeast of Madagscar), NOSY BE (Island facing Ambanja) and […]