Orris Root CO2 (3% Irones)

Adam Michael has this to say “In keeping with the essential oil/butter and our absolute offering this Orris Root CO2 is glorious green violet potent from top note through to dry down. The floral powdery warmth is nothing short of exquisite and the fruity undertones sing a song of real joy and happiness. The feel good factor from just sitting with this material and inhaling from the bottle is mind blowing.

Unlike the 1% irones CO2 offering, this Orris Root CO2 contains 3% irones and whilst the 1% offering is of a partially water wax like consistency this material has a consistency comparable to that of lip balm, wax like with a soft velvety texture. With gentle warmth this material becomes pourable very quickly. This CO2 is a select extract, produced from the roots of Iris germanica, golden treacle yellow in colour. The irones content breakdown is as follows – 0.14% trans-alpha Iron, 1% cis-alpha Iron, 0.002% beta Iron and 1.8% gamma Iron. An essential material for building exquisite violet bases and rose accords.”

Botanical Name: Iris germanica

Origin: Serbia

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