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Mandarin Essential Oil GREEN

Adam Michael has this to say “Mandarin essential oil is available in three different variants, green, yellow and red. The natural chemistry and aroma of all three mandarins is different due to the time the fruit is processed.

A simple way to explain this is if you think of the mandarin tree, first the fruits are green in colour, all the bad and ill shaped fruits on the tree are thinned out and these fruits are collected and are cold pressed. At this stage the green coloured fruits possess a different natural chemistry to that of the yellow and red fruits which will follow in later months. As an example the green variant contains less natural sugars which results in a far sharper aroma compared to the red variant.

The aroma of green mandarin is bright, fresh mandarin fruity, with green citrus tang. Cold pressed from the green unripe peel, green in colour and of a pourable viscosity. Imparts a refreshing effect within floral bouquets, great for simple citrus accords, pairs well with citrus naturals and vetivert oils and good material for building earthy green notes.”

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata

Origin: Sicily

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  1. Mauricio (verified owner)

    Since I love citrus and couldn’t decide about getting the Red, the Yellow or the Green Mandarin, I took the easier, albeit more expensive, route and bought all of them.

    Of the three noble offerings, Green is the punchiest, although still pretty sophisticated in its own harsh way. More vibrant than most Lemons I came to know and more refreshing than Bergamot, this oil can leave a delicious bitter sensation in the back of the throat when sniffed undiluted.

    It opens itself quite a lot when mixed with pale woods, such as Cabreuva and Guaiac Heart, and becomes almost soda like when paired with the likes of Cedarwood Atlas and Vetiver China. Try it with a 1% or 0,1% dilution of Cumin and thank me later.

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