Patchouli Classics Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “This is my second Patchouli Absolute offering. What we have here is a completely different take on patchouli in absolute form when compared with our super premium offering.

With classics the opening is woody, leather, green, damp cellars, mulch, decay, earthy, muddy, dirty, hay abs agrestic, minty and non-specific fruity. The leathery qualities here are at the forefront of this profile and are reminiscent of smelling mango leaves absolute. On the strip and at 50% dilution in alcohol, the gear changes are minimum, and the scent profile although consisting of multiple facets, is delivered as one for the most part with maybe the fruity aspects appearing in standalone form in the late dry down. Also within the middle to dry down stages I also pick out potent powdery sweet musky tonalities.

On the beauty front and as a patchouli-head, I can’t tell you I think this is as stunning as our S.P because I don’t. My reason for wanting this in my offering is simply because patchouli has so many layers, a real rainbow of scent profiles if you will, and here we have a patchouli abs that offers an alternative take on how patchouli absolute can smell.

Also, unlike S.P, this has actually less pronounced head notes and can be therefore very useful when you want a somewhat less articulate patchouli material. In fact, patchouli classics chiefly makes its appearance among the base notes of the fragrance composition, making it an easier material to compose perfumes with, along with being super cost effective.

Uses, I leave this with you to discover for yourselves ultimately, but this can totally be relied on as a backbone material in your patchouli themed compositions and I would add is a marriage made in heaven with mango leave absolute – thus has scope for making especially wow leather accords.

Colour is green olive brown subject to weight/volume, dilutes in alcohol like a dream and is an aromatic well worth exploring.”

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: Indonesia

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 50 Euros.