Oud Chanthaburi Honey E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “This is another Thai oud that has really challenged me and one I have also fallen in love with like that of Thai Empress and our Wild Thai Signature. If you weren’t informed, I swear you would think you are smelling wild oud CO2. The DNA is next-level to plantation as it delivers more than the usual structure comprised from the usual suspects.

This is oud with a twist you see because it is clearly oud, yet it is delivered throughout in this light-airy by the seaside manner. Imagine sitting in a deck chair on white sands, looking out at the ocean, the way the waves move, those super concentrated fresh air effects, how that environment is so calming upon the soul, well I swear its here. This oud goes beyond aroma and is a form of spiritual nourishment, infused with light cresole touches, resinous sticky woody oud, non-specific florals, watery-exotic fruits and thick standout golden honey tonalities. There is something animalic here that definitely improves longevity, but its reminiscent of the super clean, non-offensive Wild Hindi Red No.1 we offer.

Whilst the core here is fresh-air oudness themed (no idea how it is possible) and whilst I seem to be alone here, at times, I find as this aromatic lightens further, as the fruity watery qualities lift, that melon dew, diluted sugar sweet limes and juicy pear water qualities come through. I find this combo always and again Eleonora doesn’t get this interpretation, but I sense it so clearly. This though is the profile, relatively simple and understated like wild ouds, and non-congested and ultra-top concentrated like many plantation ouds. On my skin type I get a 4 hour intense experience followed with a further 2 hours of close to the skin intimacy, four days on the strip, the colour is golden orange to erotic-red subject to volume and of a gloopy but pourable viscosity.

Personally I think this oud will serve you best throughout the seasons of Spring and Summer due to how this fresh-air effect combined with woody smoothness naturally complements such seasons. Likewise within perfume compositions, I have so far looked at rose and jasmine combos with this oud. My findings for roses, pairs well with rose bourbon as it dances with the vegetal components, lightly dosed and this plays great with sweet de mai through to the more moorish DNA character found within Moroccan damascena we offer, and it works well with the staple Bulgarian rose absolutes, less so pink type to my nose as it eats the rose, instead this oud works better with velvety rich red petal Bulgarian absolutes. For Jasmines, this seems to love auriculactum, enhancing the Jungle and Spring-rain qualities and creates added luxuriousness paired with our Chinese Sambac masterpiece and also our delightfully clean CO2 Jasmine. Highly recommended oud and again, my compliments to this producer.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna

Origin: Thailand (Chanthaburi Province)

Plantation Material (One year aged as of May 2022)