Peppermint CO2 (SELECT)

Mark Evans has this to say “This excellent CO2 extraction of peppermint leaves is a useful alternative to standard peppermint essential oil. Its fragrance is warmer and calmer than the EO and also a little more aromatic, tending toward spearmint. Indeed, there is less menthol and camphor in the CO2 and more diverse components in the GC readout, pointing to more complexity and depth of character.  Compare the scent of the essential oil, this CO2 and a fresh mint leaf and you’ll find that the CO2 is vastly more realistic and true to the leaf. So if you’re after a more naturalistic peppermint for your experiments, go for this CO2.

Obviously, peppermint CO2 makes an excellent flavouring for toothpaste, mouth washes, chewing gum, liquors etc. . In perfumery it can also add interesting effects to florals like rose, carnation and muguet. Gives freshness and lift to lavender and fougere fragrances.”

Botanical Name: Mentha piperita

Origin: Bulgaria

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