Beer Absolute 50% (Italian)

Adam Michael has this to say “Wow, what we have here is actually an artisan absolute produced from the leaves of Dittrichia viscosa, better known under the common names of inula, sticky fleabane and so on. It’s a plant I know well because it grows in abundance on my neighbours field here in the Tuscan countryside. In all honesty in its living form, it’s a plant many would not glance twice at, yet by solvent extraction of the leaves (collected late in the year), and diluted down in alcohol, it delivers an end result that smells exactly like a fresh pint of beer or lager for that matter despite having nothing at all to do with Humulus lupulus aka Hops.

In pure form this rockstar-oddity is a sticky mass and the aroma is bitter-boozy, woody, tagetes floral, finishing with trace spice and fresh summer meadow vibes.

Diluted to 50% in alcohol and this aroma profile displays notes reminiscent exactly of how beer and or lager smells. Meaning this is refreshing on the senses, showcases a lot of bitter tang, lemon sparkling citrus notes, exudes dark woody character with herbaceous and floral themed tonalities. As time progresses, I would describe this scent profile as smelling exactly how drinking Shandy Bass tastes – a drink of beer mixed down in lemonade. Rather insane honestly, I lose track of how many years I have been at Hermitage, 19 years or 20 years this October (2024) I think, yet I am certain that this is the first time I smell a natural aroma that properly represents the smell of beer with all of its finesse. This is a humongous step up from hops when you are in need of a beer note.

Uses, well it goes without saying this gourmand brown note is a must if you are building boozy accords, beer accords, blends well with woody, green and citrus notes, provides original effects within herbal fragrances and pairs very well with artemisia, clary sage, and flouve aromatics.”

Botanical Name: Dittrichia viscosa

Origin: Italy 

Alcohol Soluble: Yes 

Oil Soluble: No as we sell this diluted in alcohol