Clary Sage Absolute RUSSIA

Adam Michael has this to say “This Russian clary sage absolute  is less sweet and more mild compared to the French offering, displaying earthy herbaceous notes of outstanding tenacity with fresh cardamom spice, tobacco, and a wide array of yummy tea notes. This material is useful for building woody notes, adding distinct herbal freshness to green accords, enhancing the aromatic character of lavender bases and floral blends. This material is brownish-olive green in colour, of a waxy sold mass that will benefit from warmth prior to use and is produced by solvent extracting the leaves and flowering tops of Russian grown Salvia sclarea.”

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A truly invaluable material to perfumers, clary sage absolute is thick, waxy, and sepia brown in color, and requires alcohol as a solvent. It opens with sharp, richly herbaceous facets. A notably strong impression of black tea leaves is shadowed with subtle hits of sweet basil. The dry down displays aromatic tobacco, angelica root, and a nutty, velour-like musk. A superb fixative, this absolute has great longevity, lasting over twenty-four hours on the mouillette. It can be paired fantastically with bergamot and other citrus, aiding in their salience. Furthermore, it is a staple ingredient for tea and tobacco accords, also adding character to mossy fougeres.”

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea

Origin: Russia