Brazilian Pepper Berries CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “If you like our pink pepper oil you will love this Brazilian pepper berries CO2 extract. The aroma is smell is a more gentle version of pink pepper, much softer, rounded with warm addictive peppery notes throughout. The colour is clear and this material is of a pourable viscosity.

Brazilian pepper berries CO2 extract will warm and enrich most accords, pairs very well with elemi and peony, very useful for building fruity, spicy, musk and wood notes. Also useful for building floral bouquets and provides interesting effects within marine notes.”

Mark Evans has this to say “Also known as Red Berries or Christmasberry, the fruits of this shrub are mainly harvested in the Reunion Islands (where it is called Bourbon Pepper), Mauritius and Brazil where it grows wild. About 50% of production goes to the seasoning industry and 50% for perfumery.

Don’t confuse this with the other pepper species, Schinus mole, as the aroma of this Schinus terebenthifolius is far superior and the select CO2 extraction available here has highlighted even further the bright, spicy, warming, woody and invigorating scent of the dried berries. This is a fantastic all-round pepper material and smelling it on the blotter I can pick out aspects of white, pink, black pepper and even juniper berries. The fragrance is bright, dry and terpenic with a green resinous undertone and is perfectly balanced with no harshness and even a little sweetness.

Perfect for use in spice or herbal accords, and I suspect it would give an interesting edge to some floral blends, particularly rose or carnation.”

Botanical Name: Schinus terebenthifolius

Origin: Brazil

Select/Total Extract: Select