Elemi Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “Aromatically elemi essential oil exudes a sticky resinous fresh pink peppery type profile with ice cool bergamot, rose petal and milky-spiced nuances. Elemi is a tropical tree growing up to 30m high that yields a resinous pathological exudation with a pungent odour. Although it is called a gum, it is almost entirely made up of resin and essential oil. Elemi has a tonic and stimulating action on the system. It has a long history of use in medicinal and cosmetic formulas, with the ancient Egyptians using elemi in preparations during the embalming process. Elemi oil can be useful for respiratory complaints, try adding a few drops of elemi to an aroma diffuser as this can really help those suffering with bronchitis, dry coughs and even excess mucus. It is equally nice and maybe more effective when used within body balm and applied to the chest area.

Elemi essential oil is said to rejuvenate the skin and it can be used in cases of nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions providing a feeling of peace. The major chemical constituents of elemi essential oil are, terpineol, elemicine, elemol, dipentene, phellandrene and limonene.

The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the gum which is obtained by making incisions into the bark. Native to the Philippine Islands and the Moluccas where it is also cultivated. A member of the Burseraceae family and known locally as Pili.”

Botanical name: Canarium commune

Origin: Philippines grown, French produced.