Commiphora Krauselliana 20% Tincture

Mark Evans has this to say “Here we have another tincture of perfumed resin from the southern African Commiphora genus of tree to compare to our wildii tincture. The Omumbungu (Commiphora Krauselliana) is one of a group of trees referred to locally as the “Tree of the Hyena”. Hyenas are associated with witchcraft and cannibalism and so the local Himba people actually don’t use this particular resin for perfume, believing it has evil properties.

The Omumbungu resin has an unusual scent – musky and peppery, lactonic with notes of citrus and mushroom. It actually reminds me of a commercial perfumery ingredient called Jasmonyl which is used as a blender between citrus and florals, particularly lavender. So I imagine this tincture could serve a similar purpose for the natural perfumer, especially in the top notes of your creation.”

Botanical Name: Commiphora Krauselliana

Origin: Namibia