Geraniol Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “Along with citronellol, geraniol is one of the essential building blocks in the creation of rose fragrances and is also used throughout the fragrance industry whenever floral scents are needed. Look up the formula of any floral fragrance and you will find geraniol in there, guaranteed. This purely natural isolate of geraniol has been fractionally distilled from palma rosa oil and is an absolute beauty to smell. The scent is plummy, berry-fruit, rose petal, sweetly fresh and a little waxy. Perfect for the job of providing the sweet, rosy floral complement to citronellol’s green, petal freshness.

As these natural isolates are more complex in their chemistries than their synthetic counterparts, it is possible to create rich, rounded, full-bodied accords using just a few of them together. In the case of rose for example, this geraniol isolate, along with citronellol isolate and maybe some rhodinol isolate would be all that is required for an excellent performance, all-round rose that could be further enhanced with fruity notes or some spiciness or citrus. You are limited only by your imagination!”

Extracted from palma rosa essential oil.