Linalyl Acetate Natural Isolate (PE.EO)

Mark Evans has this to say “Linalyl Acetate is the go-to material when needing a fresh, non-descript, citrusy boost to the top note of your perfume creation or to further brighten and lift citrus accords. Luckily for the natural perfumer linalyl acetate is present at high levels in a wide range of fruits, herbs and flowers and is easily extracted in such a way that the molecule is not physically altered from its natural state in the plant itself. This particular natural isolate has been extracted from petitgrain fruit. We also offer a version extracted from bergamot mint (Mentha citrata).

The extraction process leaves behind a small percentage of the original plant oils and this particular isolate is a little heavier and leans more toward linalool than the bergamot mint isolate does. The strong, appealing brightness that makes linalyl acetate so useful is complimented by notes of bergamot and green tea leaves in this case.

Regardless if you are a purely natural or mixed-media perfumer, this isolate of linalyl acetate will provide a richer level of naturalness to your top notes than the synthetic version ever could.”

Extracted from petitgrain essential oil.