Mitti Attar (Petrichor)

Adam Michael has this to say “Whilst I have never agreed completely with textbooks as to the aromatic descriptors for how Mitti Attar (Petrichor) actually smells, I do think the end result is truly divine, heavenly and simply put, spiritually enriching. I am happy at long last to have a batch in our offering. The lengthy process to produce Mitti Attar is ultimately  – hydro distilling baked clay (Indian) into Indian sandalwood (Mysore).

I would describe the aroma of Mitti Attar (Petrichor) – and especially this batch – as a combination of balsamic woods, dry decaying woods, non-offensive animalic tonalities, baked breads just out of the oven, spiced cream milky, lightly spiced Middle Eastern foody, incense woody, rice creamy, with some petrichor after the rain tonalities – more in the form of wet gravel and stones. Other notes include, aged leather, hay, tobacco, ash, cigar, musty leaves qualities – think geranium leaves and stems in the late season, dry velvet floral textured undertones, clay, mulch and nutty themes that really sing and pop. And of course as Mysore sandalwood is used here, the aroma of epic Indian sandalwood is very evident and persistent throughout here as well. All of this together, all of these layers unravelling over days on the strip, makes for a truly indulgent, full bodied blissful aromatic. Highly recommended.”

Botanical Name: Baked Clay hydro distilled in Santalum album

Origin: India

Production Year: 2023

Oil Soluble: Yes 

Alcohol Soluble: Yes 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 400 Euros. 100G = 750 Euros.