Frankincense Rivae ORGANIC E.O

Mark Evans has this to say “The best way to describe this rare and highly sought after frankincense rivae essential oil would perhaps be to compare it to the more common varieties…Boswellia carteri is known for its fresh, lemon pine notes. Boswellia serrata is more resinous, woody and incensy than carteri. Now, move much further along the same spectrum, if you will, and there you’ll find Boswellia rivae with its powerfully dark resins and woods and where incense and spicy notes abound. There is little in the way of lemon or pine, but so, so much terpenic and spicy/camphorous/woody richness. After a time, carteri moves toward fir notes and becomes a little thin, serrata softens into quiet spiciness, whereas the monster rivae offers no such safe harbour, instead it continues pounding you with strong cedarwood and cypriol and even more darkly resinous notes. Leaving other frankincense oils for dead, this incredible oil is indispensable for the Boswellia enthusiast.

Frankincense rivae essential oil is an effective modifier with ambery, leather and woody materials. Blends especially well with amber sweetie, Ethiopian pom pom and incense wood essential oils along with injecting added depth and richness to the other Boswellia species offered by Hermitage Oils.”

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 250 Euros. 

Botanical Name: Boswellia rivae

Origin: Ethiopia