Wild Mysore Sandalwood 1938 E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “What we have here is another full on masculine oriented, artisan produced wild Mysore sandalwood. Logs estimated at 80 – 85 years of age. The aroma opens up in a very old lacquered heavy woody fashion, with saturating creamy, gourmand pecan and walnut nutty warm effects in play, finishing with trace cedarwood, hibawood and milk creamy-spiced nuances. I find the heart notes to be chiefly a creamy-woody affair with an element of sweetness, and of which I think will be generally very crowd pleasing – regardless if you are seasoned sandalwood connoisseur or someone entirely new to sandalwood aromatics. From the heart onwards the spice traces diminish heavily, leaving us with a strong creamy woody – easy to identify – sandalwood aroma with a hint of incense and some trace soft floral tonalities. Longevity on my skin stands at just over 6 hours, days on the strip and also two full days on my clothes it seems – I spilled some drops on my jumper arm and it just kept on giving out its blissful scent. Color, yellow to golden yellow subject to weight/ volume.

The profile is very straightforward to understand and this is a classic sandalwood essential oil in the sense that it benefits from the warmth of our skin in order to come alive properly. Uses, a long lasting base note, that will be of value for those developing woody bases, campfire, incense and church type accords. Again though, as I have written many times, sandalwood is everyone’s best friend aromatically and as such you can consider sandalwood as an aromatic that generally blends well with everything if dosed accordingly.

To finish, the artisan behind this production, also produced the lovely Sandalwood Mysore Gold 1923 E.O, of which never actually saw the light of day on the website – as I sold it all on pre-order across July 2023. Simply this artisan is a class act and if you are in the marketplace for a full-on masculine sandalwood e.o, then be sure to try this sandalwood whilst we have it.”

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: India

Alcohol soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 700 Euros. 100G = 1250 Euros.