Frankincense Oleoresin in TEC

Adam Michael has this to say “This natural oleoresin is presented here at 30% in TEC which makes it an easy-to-use mobile liquid. This material exudes more of the incense/churchy and balsamic qualities of carterii frankincense and less of the lemony-terpenic top-notes better associated with the essential oil.”

Arctander has this to say “A valuable fixative, but it also lends its own peculiar odor to the perfume (see odor description under Olibanum Oil and Absolute), Since the essential oil content is only about 8% the Resinoid of Olibanum has a much more versatile application in perfumery than has the essential oil. However, in order to obtain a true physical fixative effect from olibanum resinoid alone, it would be necessary to use 4 to 6% or even more of this material. Olibanum Resinoid is often sold in a semi-liquid form, just pourable and handy for compounding without the harmful intermittent heating of the delicate product.”

Botanical Name: Boswellia carteri

Origin: Oman