Orange Bitter FCF E.O

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “As an Italy-based operation we are very excited to be now able to offer (03/03/21) what we believe to be the best orange bitter essential oil that money can buy.

This orange bitter FCF is a colourless material, so very user-friendly for perfume compositions, plus as it can be easily guessed it contains little to nothing of the photosensitising furocoumarines making this a much safer material to use compared to the classic bitter orange essential oil.

As for the aroma, orange bitter FCF is uber uplifting and so beautifully clean, thirst quenching bitter and sparkling like a fizzy drink – minus any sugar, of course. After bergamot this is possibly the most refined and elegant smelling citrus oil that will easily blend in many compositions with great versatility.

The bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium var. amara) itself is very versatile and  a favourite of many perfumers, being able to offer a plethora of oils starting from heavenly neroli (obtained by steam distilling the flowers), green smelling Petitgrain and Petitgrain Water Absolute (obtained by steam distilling the leaves and solvent extracting the leaves hydrolat respectively), the wonderfully intoxicating Orange Blossom Absolute and Orange Blossom Water Absolute (the former obtained via solvent extraction of the flowers whilst the latter via solvent extraction of the neroli hydrolat), and last but not least the juicy fruit peel essential oil (obtained from the bitter orange fruit peel).

Obtained from oranges grown in optimum conditions in Sicily, this essential oil has been produced by a world leader of citrus within Italy. If you reside outside of Italy you have to buy this material via the producers official distributors list, who in turn sell smaller weights onto little businesses like Hermitage and our online competition. As we live in Italy we can buy directly and resell the highest quality citrus materials in small volumes and weights at unbeatable prices. Store this material in the fridge when not in use and you can enjoy this material at its best for 12 months. Hermitage Oils.

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium var. amara

Origin: Italy

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