Oud Assami Skank E.O V.1

Adam Michael has this to say  ”Like many, as I have gone on my own oud journey I come to realise I prefer clean ouds and sweetened ones too, my Myanmar Wild and my Laos V2 being current favourites. However, there is a huge demand for ouds that are animalic, skanky, and well, testing on the senses for others. One of my contacts, an artisan in India, got in touch at the end of 2023 to ask if I wanted to buy a fellow artisans production – this Assami oud. I sampled and went on to buy it. However from experience now, I have left it a few months to age before releasing this, and develop into what I suspect is its final form.

On the strip the aroma starts life in an intense raw animalic – civet, castoreum, hyraceum, musk rat, wool musk and mixed variety tobacco fashion. These notes are consistent throughout, however as days pass on the strip, the intensity of these notes lessens, and the note I perceive as hyraceum-like, grows into the dominant personality, finished with potent dry wild floral impressions. To expand on the hyraceum-like tonality at the mid stage of this aromas development, Id describe it as being comparable to dried brittle hyraceum that’s been grounded into powder and left in the sunshine for a few days. Animalic yes of course but this scent goes into a deer musk granules infused in an aged old ambergris direction, with the addition of hay, flouve, rolled tobacco nuances and finished with the smell of a wild floral garden on a windswept day – florals, earth, all plant parts, these smells swirling in the air and delivered in a breezy cooling and calming on the senses manner.

To sum up, this is a top notch classic Assami oud that delivers exactly as you would expect. The transition through the aromatics gears is smooth, the layers here are vast and as this is an animalic, the longevity of this oud is outstanding, weeks on the strip and from a 0.1g swipe – 14 hours on my skin type.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria agallocha

Origin: India

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wild Material distilled in 2023