Cognac Green Essential Oil Signature Gold

Adam Michael has this to say “This cognac green essential oil is a simply gorgeous scent profile of the upmost bombastic power. The opening is a never ending tsunami of steroid injected bright boozy fruity tonalities underpinned with a big punch of herbaceous and dry green qualities. Simple stuff but just utterly wow from the first minute to the last. Breaking this down further, I detect in smell form how crisp white wine tastes (obviously), I get big doses of tart apple, tart pear, field dry grass, trace late summer hay stacks and a bitter tang that my brain associates more with my one time experience of eating an olive straight from one of the many trees that are all around us here in the Tuscan countryside.

After a two year absence from our offering, this aromatic has been purchased in 2023 from a Romanian producer (2022 material) as they are putting out a superior end product to that of the better known French businesses – of whom I have worked with in the past and of what the reviews dated up to 2020 refer to. At least that’s my findings as of 02/06/2023 and all I ultimately care about is offering what I perceive to be the most wow aromatics I can source. Light yellow to luscious green in colour subject to weight or volume, produced from the dry fermented grape tissue in a traditional copper still and of a pourable viscosity. Awarded Signature Gold status by me on the basis that this batch is delicious smelling, free from the oily-fatty nuances often found in lesser batches and also completely free from the acrid aspects found in current French batches I have evaluated across 2023. As far as cognac green essential oil goes, this ticks all the boxes of being top tier product and is a 10 out of 10 material on my scorecard.”

Arctander has this to say “The rectified oil is used in flavours and perfumes in trace amounts to give “lift” and fresh-fruity, natural notes, e.g. in liquers, fruit flavours, colognes, fougeres, after-shave fragrances, etc. It blends excellently with ambrette seed oil, amyl salicylate, bergamot, coriander, galbanum, lavender, linalool, sage clary, styrax, ylang-ylang, etc.”

Botanical Name: Vitis vinifera

Origin: Romania

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100g = 210 Euros. 250g = 450 Euros.