Yuzu Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “This yuzu essential oil is mouth watering citrus material from Japan, pure olfactory stimulation at its very best and if you like citrus materials you will completely love the yuzu essential oil we are sourcing.

The aroma is full of depth, a high note with lots of evolution, layers and complexity. Mandarins, bergamots, grapefruits, cedrats, even some cold pressed lemon nuances, this material is a never ending citrus party, brimming with a refreshing energy throughout and all of very impressive longevity.

Yuzu essential oil is produced largely for medicinal and fragrance purposes within Japan, I understand it is used in the preparations for the yuzu bath, a Japanese tradition. This hot bath is normally taken around mid-winter and the Japanese believe it wards off colds and flu whilst leaving the skin looking radiant. Yuzu contains nomilin which is said to have a relaxation effect on the mind, highly possible as nomilin and even limonin which is found in most citrus oils are both proven to have antioxidant capabilities.

Therapeutically due to the uplifting nature of this aroma, it is especially useful for those suffering with depression or those who are grieving. A wonderful feel good oil and like many citrus materials this is great used on the oil burner or aroma diffuser. Within perfumery a great material for citrus, floral and tropical floral creations and pairs very well with most oils.”

Botanical Name: Citrus junos

Origin: Japan