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Yuzu Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus junos

Origin: Japan

So what is Yuzu? Well it is a plant that bears fruit. The Yuzu fruit looks similar to a Mandarin and the internet suggests its origins can be traced back to China. The plant was brought back to Japan via the Korean peninsula in the Nara period which was year 710.

The uses are clearly defined, you can eat and drink the fruit, the fruit is also produced as an essential oil for medicinal and fragrance purposes and in Japan I understand it is used in the preparation for the Yuzu Bath which is a Japanese tradition. This hot bath is normally taken around mid-winter and the Japanese believe it wards of colds and flu whilst leaving the skin looking radiant.

Yuzu contains Nomilin and a lot is made of this having a relaxation effect on the mind and this is highly possible as Nomolin and even limonin which is found in most citrus oils are proven to have antioxidant capabilities.

Therapeutically I would say consider this oil for anyone who needs lifting out of a state of depression or grieving, this maybe a better choice than Neroli as well as the ability to penetrate and mind alter is like nothing I have experienced.

This is possibly the most spellbindingly beautiful citrus oil I have ever smelled so far. I think if you are reading this and you like oils such as Cedrat, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Bergamot and so on then you will love Yuzu. The Yuzu experience is olfactory stimulation on a seriously heightened and finely tuned level.


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