Petitgrain Bergamotier Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “I am very happy to say as of today (02/03/20), we are now sourcing an especially beautiful petitgrain bergamotier essential oil directly from the producer here in Italy.

Aromatically petitgrain bergamotier essential oil is a stunning beauty, very powerful, showcasing green neroli, classic bergamot citrus, with astringent and elegant soapy neroli floral nuances.The dry down has aspects of orange blossom floral water absolute.

The fragrant leaves of the bergamot tree (Citrus bergamia) are steam distilled to produce this petitgrain bergamotier, yellow green in colour, of a thin pourable viscosity, produced on a small scale, and almost exclusively in Italy. In this instance and with nearly all the citrus leaf oils produced that I am aware of, it contains the same volatile fractions found in the corresponding fruit peel but in different qualities and quantities. For example this leaf oil generally contains less than 1% limonene, and of which is found in the citrus peel oil generally at over 10%.

A top to heart note that is a cost effective way to extend and strengthen the life span of neroli nuances within a perfume composition. A must within floral and citrus accords, green woody themed compositions and a must for building neroli bases. Highly recommended material.”

Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia

Origin: Italy

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 75 Euros. 250G = 150 Euros. 1 Kilo = 470 Euros.