Vetiver Essential Oil (HAITI)

Mark Evans has this to say “Vetiver Haiti essential oil and Reunion material (Bourbon) are renowned as the finest quality vetivers available. Haitian vetiver particularly has a cleaner, greener olfactory profile and could even be considered as having some citrus and floral touches.

The quality of this Haitian vetiver becomes more apparent on the blotter when smelling it diluted and after the top notes have dissipated somewhat. Smelling at full strength, though, there is an obvious difference to, say, Indonesian or Indian vetivers. Rather than the dry earth, clay, mushroomy notes of the former, the Haitian oil is brighter, fresher, smoother and smells initially of burnt wood with sweet earthiness. The delightfully swampy, green and grassy aromatic stage comes apparent sooner and the whole experience is more pleasant.

In perfumery, the Haitian vetiver is more sought after due to the all-around more pleasing aroma profile and also because the sought after green vetiver character becomes apparent more toward the perfume’s top notes. You also don’t have to worry so much about compensating for or covering up the pungent mushroomy top notes present in other vetivers.”

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Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanioides

Origin: Haiti