Petitgrain Sur Fleurs E.O

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “More of a perfume in its own right than just a simple aromatic material. This organic certified clementine petitgrain is obtained from steam distillation of twigs, leaves and a small amount of flowers from the clementine tree.

The result is a dreamy, soft and very harmonious petitgrain, where the green leafy character is incredibly gentle and rounded off, in perfect balance with the merry, playful fruity notes and soothing neroli floral warmth. None of the sharp edges or the harsh notes often associated with a regular bitter orange petitgrain are present, leaving the soft green, floral and fruity elements very well balanced at all times.

An enchanting late spring evening fragrance, evokes all its gentle warmth, the soft floral smells filling the air, the fresh rustle of the new vegetation. Lovely and highly recommended.”

Botanical Name: Citrus x clementina

Origin: France

Certified Organic