Propolis 10% Tincture

Adam Michael and Eleonora Scalseggi have this to say “Propolis is a resinous and highly aromatic substance harvested and further processed by honey bees from tree buds, saps, barks or other botanical sources. Propolis is used to seal and protect certain parts of the beehive from parasites and diseases.

Being locally harvested propolis varies greatly in colour and aroma profile chiefly depending on the variety of botanical species surrounding the hive. The propolis used for our tincture comes from central Italy and is reddish brown in colour and intensely aromatic. Tinctured and aged for no less than one year to allow all of its rich aromas to fully develop.

Briefly boozy and acidic in the head notes and then increasingly sweet, this 10% tincture displays rich, full-bodied sticky millefleur honey and waxy-balsamic qualities in the warm heart notes with a truly beautiful drydown. Just like honey and yellow beeswax should smell!

To be used sparingly because it tends to stain skin and fabrics of a golden yellow colour, this material adds depth to honey and heavy floral accords, works well with hay and tobacco accords and anywhere where a soft, smooth sweet warm note is needed.”

Botanical Name: Propolis

Origin: Italy