Civet Paste 3.5% Tincture

Special Note: Adam Michael here, as I type it is the 2nd May 2020. The batch now available for sale was 6 months aged as of the 19th April 2020.

Adam Michael has this to say “If you are not familiar with civet materials this could be a good place to start from. This tincture is over one and a half years aged at the time of writing (6th April 2018) and available in very limited amounts so if you are interested I’d encourage you to buy whilst we have this material.

This mind blowing tincture showcases the classic aroma profile of civet materials with unusual grace. The poo notes (due to the presence of the compound skatole) are always there, of course, but everything is softer and overall more pleasant than the absolute material, with subtle floral notes also present in this legendary aroma profile. For those who are not familiar with civet, it may be also worth mentioning that this material is not one for the faint of heart (or nose!). The paste itself is actually obtained from collecting the perineal secretions of civets, that have a habit of rubbing them around to mark their territory or when angry.

The supplier of the civet paste used for this tincture is currently trying to invest the revenues of the civet paste sold to create a friendlier value chain capable of offering better living conditions and respect to both the civets and the families involved in the paste production. As for uses there was a time when there were very few perfumes that would not contemplate the addition of a little civet, today this material is no longer used in mainstream perfumes but its repulsive yet compelling and fascinating animalic notes can still deeply transform perfume compositions, imparting unparalleled depth along with its notorious tenacity. Best used in trace amounts so that this little stinker can perform its magic whilst remaining below the threshold of conscious perception, and is therefore here offered in small amounts and can be further diluted for better control and shading. A little goes a very long way.

Scientific Name: Viverra civeta

Origin: Ethiopia

Unfortunately, this material cannot be shipped to Australia or America