White Oud (Aetoxylon sympetalum)

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “The amber-coloured, steam-distilled essential oil of white oud or gaharu buaya (Aetoxylon sympetalum) is certainly an eyebrow-raiser, with its evocative, warm, umami, damp, smoky head notes. Its as if one were in the presence of a decomposing fallen tree trunk in the woods, with its microcosm of moss, lichen, parasol mushrooms, molds, must, burrowing insects. An notably salty, animalic undercurrent lends a seductive element as it mellows on the perfume strip.

A few hours into the dry down, white oud develops into a softer, peppery, guaiacwood-like rare woods aroma, while the slightest ember of smoke remains. This evocative material pairs nicely with white florals, jasmine, rose cedars, sandalwoods, and could be an evocative contribution to leather accords, campfire accords, ambers, incense, and tobacco blends.”

Botanical Name: Aetoxylon sympetalum

Origin: Indonesia

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