Benzoin Resinoid 50%

Adam Michael has this to say “Benzoin resinoid has the ability to stimulate at the same time as soothe, it seems to ‘get things moving’ in the body, whether it is clearing mucus, stimulating the circulation, expelling gas or increasing the flow of urine. It is very comforting for griping pains in the stomach, and for urinary tract infections.

Like myrrh and frankincense, benzoin has been used for thousands of years as an ingredient of incense, and to drive out evil spirits, and like these two it is both soothing and stimulating. It is also very warming, and this makes it particularly helpful for colds, flu, coughs and sore throats. Its use in the form of Friar’s Balsam, as an inhalation for sore throats and loss of voice, is probably its best known virtue.

50% Benzoin resinoid diluted in 50% DPG, This material has quite a thick consistency but is still easy to work with. Should it be a little difficult just keep it near a warm source for 5-10 minutes and it will be easy to work with. (Maybe place the bottle on a radiator but make sure the cap is on! or submerge the bottle, up to the neck, in a bowl of hot water.)”

Botanical Name: Styrax benzoin

Origin: Siam

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 40 Euros.