Adam Michael has this to say “A beautiful yarrow material oil containing nearly 30% of the highly prized chamazulene. The top notes are a herbal bouquet, full of chamomile, sage, rosemary and blue tansy qualities and finished with floral sweetness. The heart and base notes are herbaceous floral with a creamy nuance that reminds me of rice pudding made from full fat milk.

Yarrow is produced by steam distillation of the flowering tops, the colour is ink blue and this material is of a pourable viscosity. Therapeutically yarrow is useful in the form of a hot compress to treat badly healing wounds. Useful for healing tiny cuts encountered from gardening, added to a base cream, yarrow will be of use to those who suffer with eczema. And just one drop of yarrow added to a facial steamer is useful for treating acne vulgaris, nasal catarrhs and bronchitis.”