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Tobacco Flower Absolute


14th August 2023: As mentioned in my newsletter in July I have found a new source for Tobacco Flower Absolute. To my nose the profile is very similair to the batches I have had from my previous source with one big difference….price. Via the new producer I can now offer tobacco flower absolute for 399 […]

Tobacco Absolute (Burley)

Burley Tobacco Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “Burley tobacco absolute smells warm, masculine, rich, exuding a faint caramel and tonka bean sweetness. Excellent longevity, easily detectable on my smelling strip after five days. Dry out is earthy, agrestic and just unmistakably, distinctively gorgeous, …. tobacco. Produced by solvent extracting dried tobacco leaves (Burley variety), viscous liquid […]

Tobacco Absolute (Virginia)

Virginian Tobacco Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “The smell of Virginian tobacco absolute is very mature, very dry, reminds me of smelling old rope, the middle contains fleeting notes of dark chocolate cake with wet, juicy, luscious rich red heavenly cherries. The dry out is baked earth, old rope, a little woody, a little nutty and […]

Tobacco Absolute (Oriental)

Oriental Tobacco Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “If you smell from the bottle it’s a wow material, Oriental tobacco absolute is strong, masculine, very distinctive, hay, woody, virginian cedarwood, cigar rich, and packing real punch. However it’s a different animal altogether on the smelling strip. The first thing I notice is how extraordinarily dry this material […]

Oud Laos V2 Hydro Ultra E.O

Oud Laos V2 Hydro Ultra

Adam Michael has this to say” I have been buying and selling oud for the past few years now and am privileged to access the same networks as “artisan oud gods” for everything Thai and Hindi related (24/02/23). The opening here with this oud Laos v2 hydro ultra is full on dark tan wood shavings, […]

Patchouli Chocolate CO2 (SELECT)

Patchouli Chocolate CO2

Adam Michael has this to say” I have always had a fondness for patchouli ever since I smelled a barrel of aged Indian Patchouli some 25 years ago. Back then my palette was aromatherapy orientated and thus very limited. Amongst the curated aromatherapy staples I always found patchouli to offer the greatest spectrum of scent […]