Rose & Leaf Absolute

Eleonora Scalseggi & Adam Michael have this to say “So, it is the 14th April 2020 and we are proud to introduce this rose leaf absolute obtained from rose flowers and leaves hailing from Bulgaria, produced by using all parts of the rose including spent flowers, stalks and leaves. A super rarity to be treasured and a material we find to be of priceless value when layered with classic rose absolutes, in turn providing a true to life rose profile garden experience. But more on that later.

First, straight from the bottle, you are instantly greeted with honey-sweet rose notes, and dewy-herbaceous qualities that are comparable to the opening notes found within our Persian rose otto. The aroma profile is warm, rich, spicy, indulgent and as the minutes progress, for us, in standalone form, this is not like evaluating say the classic rose absolutes but instead better resembles the rose bourbon absolute DNA experience minus the vegetal aspects. Applied to the skin, the rosy qualities are bright, unmissable and better still, you clearly detect a heavy mash up of green notes represented by the abundance of rose leaves and stalks, in turn very comparable to taking a walk in a dense, rich green lush garden. In fact in our mind this material evokes the idea of a scorching hot summer day in the garden, the search of shelter in the cool shade of trees or bushes and more over the richness, warmth and intensity displayed throughout is reminiscent of plant parts heated by the summer sun. Also if you have ever enjoyed the simple pleasure of crushing a geranium leaf in your hand, that aroma experience is here too, entwined within frankincense church type qualities and that make us go ga-ga with delight. 

Used in combination with Bulgarian rose absolute (We used our Super Premium), this rose & leaf absolute adds depth, naturalness,complexity and a touch of mystery, like a walk in a secret jungle garden where we feel safe, private, intrigued and charmed among the lush and overgrown fragrant rose bushes. This combo captures and displays the true essence of a rose garden.

Used in combination with rose otto, the rose & leaf absolute exalts the green, geranium notes, the walk in the garden feel is still very strong, but rather than romantic rose bushes the impression is that of a garden after a rainy day in early summer.

Used in combination rose bourbon absolute, the most “vegetative” of rose materials, rose & leaf absolute imparts richness, herbaceous-sweet warmth with honeyed and spicy notes, warm earth and grasses in a summer garden scenario, the sweet warm breeze, making the combo the ultimate garden accord – so garden breeze, dewy watery aspects, rich soils, flowers all fleeting in and out of detection.

For all those who want to recreate a true to nature blooming rose shrub and/or impart a cottage garden feel into your composition then this is a must try material and we would add using this aromatic within both rose absolutes and tobacco absolutes compositions can provide a more interesting take on the usual rose and tobacco combination alone. 

Finally the photos used here were taken by us at “Roseto Fineschi, one of the largest private rose collections in Europe, definitely worth a visit if you are in Tuscany in the months of May and June.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Bulgaria

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes