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Blackcurrant Liquid 100%

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Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A diffusive, effulgent, all-natural proprietary blend, blackcurrant liquid is clear and of a pourable viscosity, and it sure is a tart, sweet delight. Unlike blackcurrant buds absolute, there is little cat urine to speak of here; on the contrary, it is jammy, luscious, confectionery deliciousness, reminiscent of not only blackcurrant, but also blackberries, strawberries, snozzberries, you name it.

Lest we mention that it also has the qualities of fruit punch, lollipops, candied violets, and yet more playful, dandy sweetness that sustains with favorable longevity (10 hours plus). What a pleasurable way to conjure up memories of childhood. This is so delectable and addictive—I cannot stop smelling the test strip. Use in forest berries accords, fruity florals, mouthwatering gourmands, or for intriguing contrast in dry or damp woods blends.”

1 review for Blackcurrant Liquid 100%

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mauricio (verified owner)

    I love blackcurrant to a fault and this offering is everything I could dream of: mouthwatering, persistent and easy to work with. Miles ahead of the synthetic materials in every aspect and somewhat affordable, since a little goes a long way, this is a perfect option for pretty much any artisan perfumist.

    This little gem works really well in fresh creations alongside green herbs, Mint and Wormwood, citrus oils (especially Mandarin Red) and pale woods, although I don’t recommend blending it with Calone. It can also be used both in fresher oriental creations and more opulent ones, working as head-space in the former and as jammy delight in the latter.

    I’m actually actively trying to find out something that won’t benefit from a few drops of this.

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