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Melissa Liquid 100%

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A transparent proprietary blend of light viscosity, melissa liquid 100% demonstrates the characteristic sweet, green, fresh aroma of melissa (also known as lemon balm). Similar to lemongrass without the pungency, lemon without the tartness, and litsea cubeba without the cloying sweetness, melissa liquid 100% exhibits an herbaceous character resembling sweet basil or even fresh mint leaves.

As it dries down several hours in, these qualities become more apparent as the lemony top recedes. As a middle note with good tenacity, this blend may be particularly useful in extending the citrus and herbal top notes in natural perfumes. Additionally, it can build dimension in rose and other florals, or provide a lift for elemi or more terpenic frankincenses.”

2 reviews for Melissa Liquid 100%

  1. kingjohnofengland (verified owner)

    The odour of lemon balm leaves crushed between the fingers is familiar to most gardeners and this oil gets close to it. it is similar to citronella but less rank and oily, and with a pleasing rosy-lemony quality (citronellol) which recalls a freshly opened box of turkish delight. Much more affordable than melissa oil, this material should be useful for eau fraiche blends.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    This is very true to the smell of real melissa however I found it disappointing because it just doesn’t have that feeling and sparkle that real Melissa does. If you’re only concerned with matching the scent profile of Melissa then this will work really well, otherwise just put your hand in your pocket and splash out on the real deal

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