Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol (Fermentation)

Adam Michael has this to say “Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol (Rose Alcohol) produced in a laboratory by fermentation of natural L-Phenylalanine. Aromatically this brings a lot to the table at an excellent price point and of which enables more people to enjoy a natural P.E.A . Ultimately the key difference profile wise between this and a true isolate obtained by physical means from the absolute – is simply that this is perceived generally as smelling somewhat metallic throughout its development and the isolate from the rose absolute smells well, just like dreamy rose absolute.

From the top this perfectly clear coloured P.E.A aroma exudes a watery through to dewy powdered commercial rose profile supported with green leaf and stem qualities sitting just underneath. The heart again is more of the same, albeit coupled with a gorgeous thick honeyed note and floral bouquet effects – comparable to walking inside a florists full of fresh flowers. At this stage I personally have to say I feel the metallic qualities – at least in this batch – are bordering below the threshold of detection as inhaling and exhaling slowly through my nose, I don’t pick up on anything that aggravates my nose – like for example smelling the metallic note you find in Chinese geranium e.o or the countless synthetics that leave your nose all irritated – even when they have been heavily diluted no less.

As time progresses on the strip, this florist shop quality reminds me of smelling freshly distilled bois de rose a.k.a rosewood – rose fresh, watery, somewhat woody. This aroma is extremely pleasant and very relatable – as you find this aroma finds its way into most mass produced commercially successful rose orientated products – perfumes, soaps, skincare, home-fragrance applications and so on. Dry-down, rosy, green, geranium, somewhat floral leafy musty, rose powdery, soft woody, and just to cover myself in case my nose isn’t functioning properly – some metallic aspects.
So to sum up here, this is a super simple profile – a few notes, all chiefly rose themed, little to nothing on the metallic front to worry about, super well priced – possibly the best price online for small weights and volumes – , lasts for 7 hours in optimal form on the strip, again is colourless, pourable and a really easy material to incorporate into your creations when rose character is needed.”

Arctander has this to say “It is almost never “out of place” in a composition, be it floral, balsamic, Oriental, mossy, herbaceous or “modern-aldehydic”. It is an inevitable companion to the “rose alcohols”, Citronellol, Geraniol, Nerol, Dimethyloctanol, etc. and it may receive fixation from Guaiacwood oil, Nitromusks, Coumarin and Heliotropine, Rosetone, resinoids, etc. It blends excellently with the Linalool family, and with all the newer “Lily”-alcohols, “Muguet”-alcohols, etc. as well as in Lime and Spice blends.”

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 95 Euros. 250G = 195 Euros.