Buddha Wood Essential Oil

Mark Evans has this to say “To me, buddha wood essential oils symbolises the very essence of the Australian bush. The colour is a dark red brown, like the sands of the Northern Territory, the scent is rich, beautiful and calming, but at the same time powerfully rugged and intense. There is a sense that this tree has had to develop complex resins and oils to protect itself from the harsh climate and ward off myriad insatiable predators desperate to bore into its heartwood.

The fragrance of the oil is complex, resinous and smoky. There are similarities to fire tree oil and it is obvious that these two species have had to endure the same conditions and have developed similar chemistries. There are deep ambery and boozy notes and precious woods – cedarwood, guiacwood and sandalwood and even a some raisin sweetness there.

This is a truly spectacular oil with good tenacity that would be wonderful to use in an imaginative masculine fragrance and is truly incredible in an oil burner by itself exuding its resinous warmth into the room.”

Botanical Name: Eremophila mitchellii

Origin: Australia

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