Frankincense Black Sacra E.O

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Black Sacra Frankincense Essential Oil is possibly the frankincense material with the most distinctive aroma profile I have encountered so far. This despite not being a powerhouse material like the Green Sacra we also offer and despite a quite resinous, almost harsh, start. Yet any harshness is almost an illusion that only lasts for an instant. A couple of minutes later the initial notes lift, and the aroma profile transforms into a much softer, floral material infused with very unusual candied bitter orange zest notes, quite rare in frankincense materials that usually have a lemony top note, not orangey.

But the feature that I personally like the most about this material is that it is almost see-through, like a water colour delicately painted in a kaleidoscope of warm and pastel colours. Elegant yet not remotely austere, this is THE frankincense that complements floral materials perfectly, especially rose otto I have found. Actually all frankincense materials are quite renown for building very classy bases for floral perfume compositions, although black sacra frankincense among all of them is the one capable of doing so more effortlessly, its transparency will work well with delicate petals and soft nuances, which makes it a particularly good companion for magnolia heart, red champaca absolute, mimosa olessence and of course rose otto for a timeless and practically seamless accord.”

Adam Michael has this to say “Never judge a book by its cover…an expression that I think of with this Black Sacra Frankincense Essential Oil. The opening for me and via the strip is somewhat raw, a little harsh and tinged with a warmed orange fruit liquid note. And for the opening 15 to 20 minutes or so I find this material goes through a lot of gears on the strip that result in the resin qualities mellowing and settling down, the orange notes soften and move away from being aggressive and shift-shape into a pastel like orange quality, soft, rounded with a trace juice aspect that reminds me of a orange and peach juice combo.

And then by the 20 minute mark you can smell and evaluate this material properly, very rich, deep sticky frankincense resin character in the background with plenty of pastel orange warmth in the front. As Eleonora says, the orange notes are unusual for an essential oil, you will find these notes in B.dalzielii resin and to a lesser extent in that E.O but otherwise I too am new to this note beyond the black sacra resin.

The material lasts for literally a few days on the strip, warm frankincense with saturated soft orange glow. This material is of course a base note and beyond its lovely aroma profile it also works wonders within floral and romantic inspired compositions and pairs especially well with our Persian Rose Otto.”

Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra

Origin: Oman

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 240 Euros.