Cinnamic Aldehyde Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “So warm, so spicy, so powerful! Red hot cinnamon heat which is also sweetly balsamic with more than a hint of almond. When smelling on the mouillette, memories come flooding back of cinnamon cookies, Big Red chewing gum and the thick layer of cinnamon powder on top of my morning porridge. Can you tell that I love cinnamon? Be careful when dosing this purely natural cinnamic aldehyde as it can easily overwhelm and turn your well balanced oriental creation into a cinnamon hot house! This is also known to be a sensitizer, meaning that it may cause problems with allergic reactions for some people. To alleviate this problem, perfumers have found that cinnamic aldehyde can be blended with limonene to reduce its concentration without affecting its character too much.”

Arctander has this to say “Warm-spicy -balsamic odor, suggestive of Cassia-cinnamon. Good tenacity and lasting sweetness…
Used in perfumery as a sweetener and powerful spicy ingredient. …Trace amounts are used as a warm-spicy and sweet note in floral-balsamic fragrance types, heavy florals and Oriental fragrance types. It introduces interesting notes when used discretely in Rose, Hyacinth or in woody fragrances, etc.”

Extracted from cassia essential oil.