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Pear Liquid 100%

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma is pear sweet, pear fleshy, water-fruity with distinct melon nuances. A little waxy, green, tropical floral and exuding the stickiness I associate with pear drop candy. So fresh, pleasant, clean, cleansing with excellent aromatic development over the course of five hours on the smelling strip.”

This is a masterpiece material from a highly esteemed Grasse based producer. Whilst the exact recipe so to speak is proprietary information this Pear Liquid 100% is an all-natural compound creation.

3 reviews for Pear Liquid 100%

  1. MissLayla (verified owner)

    Just like a real pear! Whomever created this- YOU ARE A WIZARD! A masterpiece indeed! (I secretly wish I could drink this…)

  2. bobstolk (verified owner)

    Smells so fresh and lovely! Exactly what you expect, a 100% mouth-watering pear smell. It lasts quite long too, noticeable for hours. One drop is pretty strong so I would recommend to dilute this oil.

  3. joseph1 (verified owner)

    It’s delicious, unique and important oils like this pear that gives me immeasurable appreciation and happiness for being in business with Adam and hermitageoils. I mean come on. What a special delight this is! A no brainer for your arsenal.

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