Galbanol Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “Galbanol natural isolate is a trade term referring to galbanum oil which has had an extra fractional distillation in order to remove undesirable aromas. In the case of this Galbanol we have here, if you directly compare it to a good quality galbanum oil you will find that the very top notes are fresher, fruitier and over-all more pleasant. The earthy sulphide odours present during the first few minutes of the galbanum oil have been removed. The rest of the odour profile is exactly the same – sharp, vegetative, leafy green, pungent and dry.

Galbanum oil and Galbanol are top note ingredients for use in chypre, fougere, incense notes, sacred perfumes, green notes, forest accords etc. and in these situations, Galbanol will provide you with a cleaner, sweeter impression at the very top of the perfume.”

Adam Michael has this to say “Galbanol Natural Isolate is reminiscent of galbanum minus any harsh notes, very green, very intense, and bursting with watery, earthy and ozonic character.”

Extracted from galbanum essential oil.

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 395 Euros.