Geranyl Propionate Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “Geranyl Propionate Natural Isolate opens with tropical fruity notes, that are somewhat lychee themed and all very sweet. The material is also full of floral geranium and juicy rose character, comparable to the taste of eating Turkish delights aka Lokum. A very sweet affair throughout with waxy, powdery and also dreamy honey sweet facets. Geranyl Propionate Natural Isolate is a must for those developing juicy lychee notes, for building tropical accords, generally for increasing fruity character within compositions, for creating wet dewy rose effects, for developing juicy pear notes and pairs especially well with Geranium Bourbon, Blackcurrant Liquid, Rose Absolutes, Jasmine Absolutes and countless other naturals.”

Arctander has this to say “Sweet, fruity-rosy, warm and almost balsamic-grape-like odour with a leafy-floral undertone and moderate tenacity.
This ester is used in perfume compositions mainly to introduce fruity notes in or near the topnote composition. It may also find some use in heavy florals with pronounced fruity tones, such as Gardenia, Passionflower, etc. but even in Geranium, Lavender and naturally in variations of Rose bases it finds extensive application.”

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Extracted from palma rosa essential oil.